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BCC Corporate officially becomes AirPlus International

Brussels, February 1, 2019 – BCC Corporate, a pioneering credit card development company in Belgium, officially becomes AirPlus International, a subsidiary of the German group Lufthansa AirPlus Servicekarten GmbH (AirPlus Group). The renaming is part of AirPlus’ European growth strategy in the market of virtual and mobile payment solutions and offers Belgian customers global products, services and contracts under one brand.


18 years after the founding of the Bank Card Company, BCC Corporate was carved out to focus solely on the issuance of commercial credit cards. Today, the market demands standardized products and processes. Two years after the acquisition by the AirPlus Group, the Belgian business traveler benefits from the entire value chain covered by AirPlus products: Credit cards, central billing, travel insurance, virtual payment solutions, reporting tools and global service capability.

“Together, we are now confidently looking to the future”, says Michael Fuerer, General Manager of AirPlus International in Belgium. “Following the acquisition, Belgian customers could participate in a global program with local cards, and benefit from internationally standardized processes and faster product innovations. At AirPlus, we welcomed a highly specialized and knowledgeable credit card team, improving the market position and becoming the leading corporate card provider in Belgium. It created added value for both parties.”


Rich history

Bank Card Company was the result of a merger of the two companies that played a decisive role in developing the credit card business in the seventies and eighties in Belgium, introducing the first Visa card in 1982. Six years later, in 1988, BCC held undisputed leadership: 95% of the credit cards issued in Belgium came from BCC. Nowadays BCC is still market leader in the corporate card segment and the exclusive issuer of Brussels Airlines Miles and More Mastercard product.

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