• Is the Corporate card accepted everywhere?

      Yes, as they are issued by Visa and/or Mastercard, they are widely accepted.

    • Is there a fee for making payments with the card?

      There is no charge for payments within the euro zone. For payments outside the euro zone, you have a very advantageous exchange rate. For more details, please consult our pricegrids.

    • My monthly statement features a transaction I did not make. How can I dispute this transaction ?

      The relevant dispute forms of each card can be found here. You will need to fill in, sign and return the form to AirPlus International SA/NV, Keizerinlaan 66 Boulevard de l’Impératrice, B-1000 Brussels.

    • My personal situation has changed (new address, new bank account,...). Can I notify this ?

      Every change in your personal situation should be reported immediately to our Customer Service Center. Please choose the most convenient of contacting us for you here.

    • What do I do in case of loss or theft of my Corporate Card?

      Call Card Stop immediately at +32 (0) 2 400 37 90, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is the only number you should use: your card will immediately be blocked electronically worldwide. Note and carefully keep the file number communicated to you. A new Payment Card and secret code (Pincode) are immediately created and sent to the address registered in our system.

    • Where will my card, Pincode and statements be sent?

      Depending on the contractual agreement with your employer for one of our Corporate Solutions, the Corporate Card and Pincodecode will be send either to the company address to the attention of the programme administrator or the address of the cardholder as registered in our systems. Are you enjoying one of our Consumer solutions, this information will be send to the address mentioned on the application form. You will first recieve your Pincode code by post, followed by the card a few days later. The statements are available online via MyWebReporting (free of charge). If you're not registered online, a fee will be charged to receive your paper statements at your private address.

    • My expiry date is nearby, do I need to order a new Corporate Card?

      All our cards expire after 5 years. About 4 weeks before the expiry date, a new card is created automatically and is sent to the address registered in our system. You should then destroy the previous card.

    • Where to change my Pincode code?

      You can change your Pincode code in every ATM of ING, AXA, Crelan and Argenta in Belgium only.
      You can find the bank agencies of those banks on the following links: ING ,AXA ,Crelan ,Argenta

    • How can I raise/lower the credit limit on my Corporate Card? Can this be changed permanently/temporary?

      Every change to the credit limit of your Corporate Card should be asked in writing. You can send an e-mail to Please make sure to mention your name, customer reference (starting with CH), expiry date and whether the change should be permanent or temporary (add the period). If you hold a Corporate Card with private liability, please join a copy of your ID and a proof of income.

      Are you in desperate need of a limit increase while traveling abroad? Call our Customer service immediately at +32 (0) 2 400 37 90.

    • How do I apply for a Corporate Card?

      If you are interested as a company in one of our Corporate solutions, please fill in this contact form.
      Is your company already registered as an AirPlus International SA/NV customer, please contact your program administrator in order to apply.

      Interested in one of our Consumer solutions? For more info and the application form, select the card of your choosing: Brussels Airlines Miles & More Mastercard or Mastercard Gold.

    • How much cash can I withdraw?

      If you are enjoying one of our Corporate solutions, it depends on the contractual agreement with your employer, the cash withdrawal function has been activated or blocked. If Cash withdrawal is activated, the cash withdrawal from an ATM or a bank counter is limited to € 600 per 4 consecutive days for both our Corporate solutions and Consumer solutions. Cash withdrawal at exchange office is limited to the amount of your credit limit.

    • How to activate my direct debit procedure ?

      The SEPA Direct Debit form is available for each type of card in our document section. Please fill out this document and send it to:
      AirPlus International SA/NV - Customer Service, Keizerinlaan 66 Boulevard de l’Impératrice, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium or

    • I forgot/lost my Pincode, can I get a new one?

      You should contact AirPlus International SA/NV Customer Service Center at +32 2 400 37 90 to ask for a new secret code (Pincode). Your new Pincode will be sent to the address registered in our system within 5 working days. In order to activate your new Pincode, please make first a transaction in Belgium (Cash withdrawal or in a shop) before using your Card abroad. You can then safely use your new Pincode for all your transactions worldwide.

    • I have a question concerning my statement, where can I get help?

      You can contact our Customer Service Center at +32 2 400 37 90 for all questions concerning your statement, annual fees, payments,... Our Customer Service Center can also be reached by e-mail at

    • I have received an e-mail requesting my credit card information. What should I do?

      On a regular basis malicious e-mails (so-called 'phishing') are being circulated, requesting personal credit card information. Please do NOT respond to these e-mails and do NOT click on the included link. BCC, MasterCard or Visa will NEVER ask for confidential Card information by e-mail. If you did click on the link in the e-mail, please contact Card Stop immediately +32 (0 2 400 37 90 to have your card blocked. Do not respond to these kind of e-mails and inform the Federal Police via You will find more information about how to protect yourself against malicious e-mails on

    • I would like to cancel my Corporate Card. Which procedure do I need to follow?

      Corporate Card holders need to send their confirmation of cancellation to AirPlus International SA/NV by e-mail to Please make sure to mention your name, customer reference (starting with CH), expiry date and the reason of cancelling the card. Please also inform the program administrator within your company.

    • I would like to use the travel inconvenience insurance. How do I proceed?

      For lost or delayed luggage, you can fill in a declaration form and send it to the Insurance Company (AIG). You can find the address on the form. They will do the necessary and keep you informed. The insurance declaration forms can be downloaded on Documents.

    • My Corporate Card is damaged. How can I get a new one?

      Our Customer Service Center will send you a new Payment Card, bearing the same card number as your damaged card. A fee of €25.00 will be charged for card duplication. You can contact our Customer Service via or +32 (0) 2 400 37 90. 

    • As a Program Administrator, can I view cardholder transactions and private contact information?

      In accordance with prevailing data protection legislation, BCC Corporate is no longer able to communicate to Program Administrators information regarding Visa/Mastercard Corporate cards with private liability. For all questions or modifications the cardholder must personally contact our Customer Services on
      +32 (0) 2 400 37 90 or by email:

    • Can I have access as a cardholder or Program Administrator to an online portal?

      As a cardholder or a program administrator you can have access to 'MyWebreporting', the online portal of BCC. Please consult this link where a full Q&A is available for you on this topic.

    • During the authentication I can see the date of the last transaction. Why is this the case?

      This date is the date of your last connection with the server that validates the authentications. This information allows you to verify whether your card has been misused.

    • How can I change the language of the authentication screen?

      You cannot change the language on the authentication screen yourself, please contact the AirPlus International SA/NV Service on + 32 (0) 2 400 37 90 in order to change it.

    • How can I change the language of the registration screen?

      You can modify the language with the button at the bottom of the screen. Once you’ve selected a new language, this will become the default language.

    • How can I proceed to my first internet purchase and what kind of personal information will be asked?

      During your first internet purchase, you have to register using the following information: card number, expiry date, CVV code (last 3 numbers on the backside of your card) and your date of birth. Furthermore, you have to choose a personal code and answer a personal question from a proposed list.

    • How do I know whether a website is secure?

      Look at the URL of the website. If it begins with “https” instead of “http” it means the site is secured using an SSL Certificate (the s stands for secure). SSL Certificates secure all of your data as it is passed from your browser to the website’s server. For payments with Visa and Mastercard, check if the Verified by Visa/Mastercard Secure Code logos are displayed on the website. These can be found on the transaction page of the significant website.

    • How does 3D Secure protect you?

      If the merchant has a 3D Secure payment tool displayed on his website (mentioning the logos “Verified by Visa” and “Mastercard SecureCode”), you can rest assured that your card data are protected and that the payment can only be processed once you have identified yourself as the legitimate holder of your card. If you don’t identify yourself, the payment will be refused.

    • How many trials for registration are possible?

      During the registration phase you have 3 trials to register the correct information. Should you have forgotten the personal code, you can refresh your memory with the help of the personal question and answer. If your registration has failed after 3 trials, your purchase cannot be processed. In that case, you can contact the BCC Corporate Customer Service, who can unblock the situation immediately, on +32 (0) 2 400 37 90.

    • How much does this service cost?

      The use of 3D Secure is free of charge.

    • What is the Verified by Visa / Mastercard SecureCode and why is it more secure?

      The “Verified by Visa” and “Mastercard SecureCode” are services developed by Visa and Mastercard to ensure that you are the only person who is able to pay online with your credit card. Instead of simply providing your credit card number and the expiry date, you also have to identify yourself as the legitimate holder of the card. This protection is called 3D Secure.

    • Will I always be asked to identify myself?

      Yes, whenever the merchant website has joined the 3D Secure program, you will always be asked to identify yourself. If the merchant is not yet a member of the 3D Secure program, this identification will not be required.