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The AirPlus Group (e.g. Lufthansa AirPlus Servicekarten GmbH, AirPlus International, AirPlus) from a legal point of view individual and separate legal entities. However, the terms: ”AirPlus”, “We” or “Us” used in this website shall refer to AirPlus in general or, if not explicitly otherwise stated, where no useful purpose is served by identifying any particular AirPlus Group company. lf services are offered by a separate legal entity, the legal entity which is responsible for providing that service will be clearly identified.
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5 Company Info and services offered

AirPlus, having its registered offices at Keizerinlaan 66 Boulevard de l’Impératrice, – 1000 Brussels, TVA BE 0883.523.807, RPR Brussel. FSMA 109178 A

For the services offered via this website we kindly refer to the relevant sections of the services where the most essential elements are clearly described, price indications are given and to what extent delivery costs are charged or not.

Within the sections where we offer certain services, we kindly refer to these sections where we will clearly indicate to what extent the right of resignation will be offered, the payment, delivery and execution modalities of all relevant services.

ln the event of promotional offers we will clearly indicate the duration of the offer and the relevant pricing.


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