Office Manager Card 
for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

The Office Manager Card is a corporate card specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses. The Card allows you to easily regulate your everyday business expenses: express courier costs, office supplies, flowers, sandwiches and catering, mobile phone bills, bpost, online purchases etc.

Why the Office Manager Card payment solution?


  • A single monthly bill grouping together all your expenses
  • A single monthly payment with a delay of 30 days
  • Removes the need for cash at the office
  • Removes the need to check and pay bills seperately
  • Reduces the number of bank transfers
  • Expenses incurred on the card can be monitored 24/7 online via MyWebReporting
  • Secure transactions for online purchases
  • No financial responsibility for the employee who uses the card on a daily bases, the company is responsible for all payments
  • Annual cost of the card: € 25
  • Valid for 60 months (renewable)

Accepted everywhere

Visa and Mastercard are the most used and accepted credit cards with 36 million accepting merchants around the world.

Efficient to manage

You determine which employees can make use of an Office Manager Card, which credit limits apply, which employees receive reports and what kind of responsibility structure to apply. Furthermore, you can impose restraints where needed, e.g. to restrict use to specific types of purchases.


Thanks to chip and PIN cards, you have an extremely secure means of payment. AirPlus International SA/NV has always played a pioneering role in incorporating new technology; you can rely on your cards' being equipped with the best security features available.

MyWebReporting - Our Unique Online Reporting Tool

MyWebReporting is our unique online reporting tool. With this online application you can supervise your employees' Corporate Card use easily and continuously. Via secure internet pages, you can review the expenditure statements of all employees wherever they may be and this 24/7. Clear and precise reports give you a listing by employee or by supplier.

Always available

Review expenditure statements of all employees 24/7 via highly secured internet pages.

Available everywhere

You no longer need paper statements; web reporting is available over internet wherever you may be.

Clear and precise

With just a few mouse clicks you see a summary by employee or supplier.

Your Office Manager Card comes with unique insurances and extra benefits

Office Manager Card Insurance and Assistance Package

Next to the advantages and conveniences mentioned above, our Office Manager Card comes with a comprehensive assistance and insurance package, offering people travelling for your business complete peace of mind, even in the unlikely event an accident occurs.

Note: The travel insurances are applicable for bookings made with the Office Manager Card, on condition that the traveler is holder of a Corporate credit card from BCC Corporate.

Traveller’s accidents

€ 200,000 in coverage + € 60,000 toward search and rescue costs when 100% of the transportation was paid with a Office Manager Card.

Travel inconveniences

If at least 50% of the transportation was paid with an Office Manager Card:
• loss or theft of baggage or up to € 800
• baggage delays up to € 250 per person
• delayed flights, missed connections, overbooking up to € 250 per person
• loss of identity card (cost of a replacement document)

Travel assistance

Repatriation and evacuation, travel information, advance on medical costs up to € 10,000, cash advances up to € 2,000 in the event of loss or theft of the card.

Extra Benefits

AirPlus International SA/NV, formerly known as BCC Corporate, has more than 25 years of experience in the professional credit card industry, resulting in a number of extra benefits for our valued card holders.

Good value

There is no charge for payments within the Euro zone; you have a very advantageous exchange rate for purchases outside the Euro zone.

Payment method

From your company or personal account by bank transfer, standing order or direct debit payment terms are flexible


The introduction of chip and PIN cards gives you an extremely secure means of payment. Moreover, you set a ceiling amount on cards.

Need to change the PIN code of your Office Manager Card payment card?

You can change the PIN code of your Office Manager Card in every ING office and ATM of AXA, Crelan and Argenta in Belgium.

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